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Valor History

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Valor History

Post by The Overseers on Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:22 am

Valor is a planet that is the farthest from the rest of the human civilizations. Being a Fodder Planet, it is expected to protect other planets from the Union threat. Atlas is the original home world inhabited by humans after Earth ran out of its resources in 2632, the colonist spread out into these hospitable planets to have a world of their own. Though travel within planets is allowed, many prefer to stay in their own planet.

The Natives
Valor originally had natives, the Valorians (originally named Venlorkazo). They were warriors by nature and it was no surprise that the humans clashed with the Valorians. After bloody wars within the planet, a peace treaty was created with the Valorians, they shared the planet and co-existed. The Humans and Valorians developed a strong bond, they learned from one another and thrived. The Humans adapted to the Valorians' warrior life style and Valor is one of the planets to always supply other neighboring planets with mercenaries or armies in order to protect themselves from the Union enemy.

The Valorians time was short lived, even though Human-Valorian (Valan) hybrids existed, the original Valorian race died out from a strange disease. As it turned out, the Union used bio-genetic weapons to weaken the planet's warriors so the Battle of Valor begun as soon as the last of the Valorians died out, the humans surviving through the regularly ingested chemicals.

Battle of Valor
The skies turned red as the bombarding of enemy pods crashed down onto the surface of the planet from its atmosphere. Many cities on the surface of the planet fell from the attack, Jarven, Kontri, Aerios, Ralik, and many others were left in ruins. A few cities were able to survive, the one known to be standing is Denzeka (The Den)- the largest of the cities on Valor- it resides in the continent of Roselyn. News of the attack on Valor hit other nearby Fodder planets but their reaction was too late, they too were attacked and fell quick to the Union. Survivors who managed to escape their dying planets fled to the Inner planets and requested aid. When aid came to the Fodder planets, many were destroyed except Valor. Aid came to Valor but in the form of defense in the atmosphere. Help on the surface of the planet was difficult as existing forces on the planet would be able to shoot down any help coming from the atmosphere, so only some supplies would be occasionally retrieved by the inhabitants of the Den. The defensive wall of space ships protected the planet from any further attacks from the Union. And so the fate of the planet is left in the surface of it. (Note space battles can still happen, people from the Den can send aid.)

The Union Blockade
Before the siege on Valor, the Union had destroyed the space station orbiting around the planet in order to cut off their communications with other planets in order to gain help. After the space station failed to defend itself with its many posted space crafts, the rest of the Union's space fleet jumped into the planet's orbit and set up a wall of space crafts to prevent entrance or exit of the inhabitants of the planet.
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