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Send in the troops!

Post by The Overseers on Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:34 am

"What do they want from us?" ".....They want us to die..."
~Alien Races~

The enemies are a collective military called the 'Union', they consist of multiple alien races that teamed up to destroy the planet Valor, but first they must destroy all the inhabitants of the planet for the agreement to work peacefully for themselves.

Argons: Reptilian like aliens, their scales serve as strong armor able to resist a few shots before their scales are actually penetrated, but are nothing for some of the snipers the den holds. Argons look humanoid but their heads look similar to a dragons, they are still similar to the back leg of any four legged animal, their hands have three fingers that wrap around their weapons. Argons' scales are all over their body, that is why it is armor for them. They are fully covered in their armor like scales. They are actually called Drakonians from the planet Argon. They like a good fight often carrying alien blades whenever a challenger fights them, they fight for honor and are a prideful race.

Night Terrors (Terrors): Terrors are almost demonic, they look like black hooded phantoms, they cannot stand light which explains why they don a hood. Terrors do not require a lot of weapons they usually have sharp talons under their cloaks and can take out several guardians by themselves. It is unsure whether they actually fly or use some type of technology. Terrors have ugly deformed pale faces, they hiss and screech and are usually used for nightly missions for the Union forces. Terrors live in Nocturnalis, a dark planet with no light.

Swarms: Swarms are bug like aliens, the look similar to a mantis but on two legs, these Swarms are covered in their own strong armor like exoskeleton. Their mantis like claws are as strong as steel and are able to slice through armor. They are excellent trackers and are able to find anyone even if they have cloaking devices. Swarms live on a planet called Kyrosis a jungle like planet inhabited by other bug like creatures.

Chargers: Large aliens with bulging muscles. They stand a little taller than a man, but are at least twice as wide. They have fur and large horns on their faces much like rhinos. They mostly run at things to fight (thus the name charger) and live on Umhlaba.

Gladiators: A monstrosity of existence. These gladiators are ruthless, cyborg, and tech hungry beasts. Nobody knows their origin, it is thought that the union genetically modified their soldiers to fight against the guardians, but the thing about them is that they look just like humans, of which the union is not. They bear enough strength to slam a charger mid charge, and have been known to be a guardian killer, ripping titans apart piece by piece and evolve. Intense precaution when facing just one of these metal monsters.

Demons: Demons.... Little is known about them, their existence, their role on Valor, their games they play. They can take the looks of anything, human, alien, nature, anything. They can also possess everything, from humans, to buildings, to titans. They can talk like us, but when they get you alone, you are done for. They can possess your body to their bidding until they consume your soul. It is very uncommon to find one, as they only allow themselves to be seen when it is their own choice. If they consume enemies, they are near impossible to kill alone.
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