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Rebellion History

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Rebellion History

Post by The Overseers on Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:11 am

It was sudden, without warning when the Union attacked the Den, and it took some time, a century or two, but the hidden hand of the Overseers were dealt. It was just as sudden like when the Union had attacked, that the Protocol attacked them. One of the Livestock, the human race that the Union bred for consumption, rushed from the holding area once the gas was released. They ran on broken bones all the way to the holding chambers of the once monstrous fighting force, and hit the emergency release lever as the Union soldier watching over was choking on the toxic gas. As the lever was pulled, it was the end. A loud siren tore through the rings, one by one until the siren was at a piercing screech. The intercoms exploded with chatter, alerting the Union of the release. "WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, SUBJECT JOHN HAS BEEN RELEASED, SUBJECT GRAND HAS BEEN RELEASED, SUBECT BRADLER HAS BEEN RELEASED, SUBJECT....SUBJECT....SUBJECT....SUB.SUB.SUB.SUB.SUB.SUB.SUB.SUB.SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" The intercom started letting out the names of soldiers, all of them.

A few well known soldiers had the Union wishing for death sooner as they were announced. "SSSSS....SUBJECT ISABEL HAS BEEN RELEASED, SUBJECT LANGELY HAS BEEN RELEASED, SUBJECT BLACK ZOMBIE HAS BEEN RELEASED, SUBJECT TOBIAS HAS BEEN RELEASED, SUBJECT CHARLOTTE HAS BEEN RELEASED, SSSSSSSSSSSSSS" There was a loud scream, a near inhuman ear piercing scream that ripped through the ring. Then, silence. The silence was cut short, as gunshots took the silence by storm. The swarms of soldiers ripped through the rings, taking every Union alien by storm. First was the liberation of the Livestock that were being watched by the Gladiators, who survived longer than the other troops because of their more cyborg bodies, but were overran almost instantly. Most the guardians didn't need guns. Chairs, table legs, chains with railroad spikes to pin down livestock, arms, legs, the occasional skull with a helmet were turned against the aliens.

Then was the seizure of their weapons, bullets, equipment, and resources. Sending those through the rings tubes took some time, and with the gas in effect they had a stalemate at the time to prevent the Union from forcing their way in. Then, access to military vehicles were in order. They were send down the tubes to prevent the EMP field from rendering them useless, and after the rings had little to offer they themselves had gone down. With the current Den destroyed beyond repair it was left up to the Overseer's to pick a new home, and chose Necropolis as it was the only semi-intact human ruled facility. They needed to scrap the T0W3R Unit, and recover a power cell. As the gas dropped down to the plane, the soldiers charged Hephesto that was once overran with Swarm, and recovered the power cell. With the T0W3R Unit back in order, now it was up to the guardians to deal with the next Union attack as the cure was being created.

(Time skip)

Several years went by, the Union is perfecting a cure to the gas. The Overseer's military started preparing again, unwilling to give up their second chance at life. The Union gathered several new species to fight the now growing guardians. Several Ancestors were re-iced incase their need arose while the Overseer's worked on altering the Livestock's DNA to be more like the Forerunners. After a several dozen years go by the military is somewhat stable, and here we are now. Some of the Ancestors have been taken off the ice, and now roam the streets of Nercopolis, watching over the new era of guardians.
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