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Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post by The Overseers on Sun Dec 27, 2015 3:56 am

"Honor Thy Superior"

-Follow Thy Rules and Keep it Clean! I mean, do we even have to say this anymore? If you need to do some sexy times, time skip that shit! Just don't make us read it. I don't want to have to scrub my eyes. I (the boy) am a prick with seeing excessive profanity considering most Internet users these days are young, I'm looking out for them.

-You have questions? Ask. There are two people, a boy and girl, that run the Overseer account. Aside from the moderators and the young miss, most questions can be answered by the male user as this is not a fully original rp. It existed on a different site that died out to lack of commonly active users, and the male was crew/vice captain so at this moment in time he knows the most.

-No god-modding! This may be a futuristic RP but that doesn't mean your energy swords can instant kill everything. And please for the love of god don't abuse jump packs, it's used to correct your jump, not allow you to fly over a building and hover about. That includes auto-hitting unless agreed upon by both users.

~No killing other peoples characters. This is a huge no-no, and there is no excuse for doing it without their permission.

-Keep it clean! You may swear but I don't want to be seeing the F-word every sentence. Romance may be allowed but if we see the nasty, consider yourself removed or temporarily restricted. Nobody pure wants to see that, have some respect. Kissing and the normal are allowed, anything further is not.

-Don't be a jerk to other Role-Players out of character. They too are trying to have fun here and I don't want to read arguments on this RP out of character, if you have problems with someone PM me or my admins. As I stated, there are two overseers, normally there will always be atleast one on or checking it daily!

-Semi-Lit! You don't have to type an essay, and I understand writers block, but I'm not gonna have a huge lack of text making it harder for the other people to respond. I've pulled 5-8 paragraphs out of my arse from a few sentences, if you can't match it, spoof it. Detail things, do random actions, make it to where someone isn't digging their eyes out trying to figure out how to respond to your post. Please and thanks.

-For Profiles Please create a Forum within the Profiles Topic and wait for any crew to approve you after you finish working on your character. (Max alt count is 5-7, ask the Overseer if you want more and think you can handle more.) Refer to the Original profile skeleton for weapons and equipment. Please put a /XoXo\ at the end of your app to let us know you've read rules.

-For Valor! Your Application and Username should be your characters name, followed by the corresponding symbol of rank

✖ Assassin
☠ Reaper
T1-T4-N Titan
✈ Jumpingbird
☣ Stalker
➸ Warrior
☢ Harbinger
♆ Soldier
☯ Compeers
⊕ Scout
☾ Orbital Impact Sky to Ground Troopers:
↮ Sentinel
※ Trickster

-Last but not least! Have fun. Let us know of you are gonna be gone a while, nobody likes waiting on someone who may never come back. After three days of waiting for a response, the page will continue on with the next person to post.
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