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Guardian Armory (Add pictures from ipod to weapons)

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Guardian Armory (Add pictures from ipod to weapons)

Post by The Overseers on Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:48 am

"Armor Up, Don't Die...."
~Weapons and Equipment~

If necessary, you may change your weapon or equipment but you must give me a good reason why you are switching them out
Dual wielding does not count as having two weapons...but don't over use this privilege!!
Equipment Run on a power unit in your Armor Each equipment have their own power unit that can be added to the power unit of your armor. The equipment will power down if it runs out of power so each equipment must have time to recharge. Also, electronics overheat. If you push it past it's normal requirements in a short amount of time it WILL burn you.
If you want to apply another weapon or equipment into this arsenal tell me!
Four Equipment! No matter what, you need to have four equipment. So if you are an avocation that has to have a required equipment then that already counts as one.
Also, as a side note, everyone has holographic projection maps (HPMs) that fit in the palm of your hand and can be programmed with waypoints for your mission. This doesn't count as equipment, it's just there for convenience, so no one can say they got lost.
Attachments attachments can be listed on your weapon, mainly on firearms. Just add it besides the weapon and wait for approval of it
Modifications mods on weapons are no limited but understand that it cannot be overpowering or unfair. Whatever the captain or vice captain days about the mod you must obey to their feedback


Assault Rifles-

Firestorm (Assault rifle that fires flaming bullets)
Energy Rifle (Assault rifle but with plasma rounds)
Hornet (Assault rifle that fires long thin needles with piercing capabilities like a staple gun)


Z3VX .50
Vaporizer (Sniper rifle that incinerates the enemy)
Plasma Shot (Sniper rifle with a stronger plasma round)


G3B Flash Fire (able to dual wield)
M81 Nia Mauler (Special revolver remade to fire shotgun shells, round drum instead of cylinder)(able to dual wield)
Blaster (Pistol with Plasma rounds) (able to dual wield)


Brainsplitter (Shotgun that fires special bladed rounds)
Scattergun (Shotgun type that fires explosive plasma rounds)
Piranha (Fully automatic slug firing shotgun)

Heavy weapons-

Bouncer (Grenade launcher that fires rubber coated Grenades)
Minigun (Counts as two weapons)
Hellfire (Minigun that fires superheated rounds) (also counts as two)
Nuke (Minigun that fires Plasma rounds) (also counts as two)


Dual Duo Swords (Bladed weapon that burn the skin and poison enters your blood stream if cut)
Energy Blade (Handle with a rod that will activate the Energy sword)
Plasma dagger (able to dual wield)
Plasma Spear
Saber (Energy Blade retracts) (Able to dual wield)
Plasma Axe (Hand Axe) (Able to dual wield)
Pulsar Bow (Arrows are rods when firing it from the bow the arrow tip forms from energy)
Arma Blades (Gauntlet that spring out metal blades that surround themselves in plasma energy able to cut through some metals.) (Can Dual wield)

If it says ONLY it means ONLY for that Guardian

Cloaking Device (turn Invisible, not quiet, more movement causes you to be seen so less movement like crouching or standing still makes it harder for people to see you)
Jump Pack (course correct jumps, moves you up the air about 20 feet) (A JumpingBird, Titan, and Stalker MUST have one)
Med Kit
Wrist Shield (Small energy shield that will last until it overheats or takes too much damage) (Soldier MUST have one)
Strengthening Unit (Boosts your strength, making you stronger)
Nitro Unit (Boosts your speed, making you faster)
Muffler (Muffles your footsteps for more silent sneaks)
Hellrain (Creates a flaming bullet storm from your wrist)
Suspend (Suspends at least 5 enemies up into the air, making them unable to move for a few seconds until the effect wears off)
Dragon Skin (Your Armor becomes covered in stronger metal plates that prevent you from taking a lot of damage making you slightly stronger as well)
Smoke Bombs (Smoke bombs that blind the enemy as well as cause you a distraction to hide)
Duster (Wrist fired multi-frag grenade launcher)
Shoulder Mount (A small shoulder mount fired, automatically reloaded, heat seeking missile)
Flamethrower (A wrist or shoulder fired flame thrower)
Heat seeking teleporter (A short range teleportation leading to a shock discharge only activated when locked onto a heat source or living object. )
Screamer (Wrist activated ear piercing noise device to disorientate)
Shocker (Small yet powerful battery pack used to for electrocution)
Skin Crawler (A special paste made to melt flesh ejected from the wrist)

Sentinels Only
(Sentinels MUST chose one and apply it on their Profile)

Mount-Sentinal Shield (Mountable shield that can serve as cover)
Blade-Sentinal Shield (A retractable blade in the shield that can serve as a sword on the shield)
Bubble-Sentinal Shield (Creates an big energy dome around you and allies can take cover in, last until it over heats or takes too much damage)
Throw-Sentinal Shield (Shield is lighter so it can be thrown and flies back to user)

Assassins Only
(Assassins MUST choose at least one)

Camouflage Unit (Allows you to disguise yourself as anyone)
Hologram (Creates a hologram of yourself to Distract)

Reapers Only
(Reapers MUST choose at least one)

Energy Scythe (Creates curved blades on gauntlet armor)
Soul Sweep (Behaves similar to a EMP, taking out anything electronic. Can be focused on one target or can send out an EMP charge around the user.)
Megaton (Drop a barrage of bombs that leaves traces of radiation)

Titans Only
(Titans get this, a Jumppack and ONE weapon. You are in a mech, after all...Titans are different please find a pic for your desired titan)

T1-T4-N (Titan for short. A  50ft tall, pure metal destruction device. Pilots can enter a Titan from the front, from behind, and from above. Depending on the pilot's position, the pilot will either be picked up by the Titan and placed in the safety of the cockpit or enter the Titan through a hatch. Pilots see the outside world through a segmented display and can exit or eject from the Titan at any time. When the pilot is absent from the cockpit, Titans are presided over by an AI and can be set to either follow the pilot or guard a position, engaging enemy targets automatically.)((Weapons and equipment are on the Titan page))

Harbingers Only
(Has to have at least one but can have multiple if desired as long as it doesn't exceed four)

Mech Wings (Like a Jumppack, the user is launched into the air as course correction. Metal wings form out of the metal backpack and act as gliders.)
Enhanced vision (X-ray vision, ability to track enemies. Small HUD appears in your augmented bionic eyes.)
Technomancer (A special bionic is implanted into your brain, allowing you to communicate with technology [not weapons] and gather data or control them.)
Electromagnetic Shield (Create a dome surrounding yourself and a small few that bounces off bullets and sends out a small EMP charge)
Nanobots (Injected into your bloodstream, these tiny Nanobots also can come out from under your skin and form armor on parts of your body [Dragon skin applies more armor than Nanobots.] These nanobots is under your control, allowing you to create a swarm of Nanobots to use as a shield or cause them to solidify into giant structures.)

Tricksters Only (Abilities)
(Has to have Illusion Projecting and Giga-Blade cannot exceed four)

Illusion Projecting (Tricksters develop illusions, replacing something in around them into another object. They cannot create items that do not actually exist. Creating living things do not work either. Creating Dragons, or weapons that don't exist in this world does not count. Nothing imaginative it has to be part of reality to replace reality. Tricksters use their Giga-blade to make this ability more effective)
(Needed)Giga-Blade (A personal sword created by the Trickster, the sword is summoned by the Trickster. In its spectral form, it cannot be seen by others besides the owner and other Tricksters. Spectral form also doesn't allow the weapon to be solid, as it's not real yet. Once in its solid form, it can be used as a weapon. Both in spectral and solid form, the blade helps project a Tricksters illusions)
(Needed)Telepathy (Able to ONLY communicate with ONE person in their heads.)
Double-Projecting (create a double, does not attack and once hit disappears. The double though is able to talk, and behave like the original Trickster)
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