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Titan Weaponary

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Titan Weaponary

Post by The Overseers on Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:59 am

-A dear friend got me this list back on the original site-

T-= Titan
SMW=Shoulder mounted Weapon
HHWS=Hand Held Weapon System
IWS= Internal Weapon System
BMW=Back Mounted Weapon
HWS= Heavy weapons System

T-SMW-490 Blizzard Missile Rack: Designed to saturate a small area with high explosive warheads, the Blizzard is a one shot weapon with nine semi-guided missiles

T-HHWS-X28 Bigboom Support Laser: Similar in concept to the more powerful Scythe Laser System but more compact and easily wielded, the Bigboom swaps raw punch to conserve power and unleash a hail of penetrating laser beams.

T- SMW-206 Derringer support weapon: primarily used in anti-infantry roles, the Derringer is an excellent point defense weapon that could, in theory, be man portable- though the ammunition requirements and recoil make this a daunting prospect. the weapon is usually mounted on a mechanized pivot slaved to the view of the pilot and is a two shot pocket shotgun or interchangeable short to medium distance projectile.

T-SMW-268 Firestorm Missile System: the Firestorm Missile System has a multiple launch function that allows the user to shower a target with micro-missiles, creating a heavy barrage. Each micro-missile has a sophisticated tracking system that allows the warheads travelling before it to report their accuracy, allowing for corrections to be made in flight.

T-BMW-211 Hail Mary Mortar: a development of the Trip Hammer, the Hail Mary is carried in to battle on the back of heavily modified Titan. with its superior range and larger bore, the Hail Mary uses heavier shells, making the titan a mobile artillery piece. It is typically used in the opening phases of battle as a preparatory bombardment, hammering enemy positions before a major assault begins. Once battle is joined, the Titan will usually remain on station, ready to respond to any requests for artillery support they receive from other guardians.

T-BMW-422 Hellseed Y-rack Grenade Launcher: The Hellseed Y-rack is a defensive system used to clear large numbers of enemy troops away from the user`s immediate location. The familiar `Y` design of this system, shoots out small grenades at a tremendous rate, covering a large area around the user in just a few seconds. the combined effect of these grenades will usually keep even the most determined enemies at bay. Skilled Titan pilots have been known to use this weapon system in the middle of a jump or near the end of a orbital deployment, clearing the immediat area right before landing. The grenades themselves are shaped to explode outwards from their launching point. The center of the blast is always calculated from the users current position.

T-IWS-219-F Inferno Support Flamer: a larger cousin to handheld infantry flamers, the Inferno features a expanded fuel reservoir and fits an expandable jet stream that permits this weapon to eject its burning chemicals over a much wider area. In its standard mode it creates a ninety foot cone of fire. Alternatively it can create a wall of flame directly in front of the user, fifteen feet thick and sixty feet wide.

T-IWS-AR Kingzgov-21 Deuce Special: the Deuce is an adaptation of the standard assault rifle in use by guardians, mounted within the forearms of titans and used in tandem, they make for a superb short-ranged attack system capable of shredding humanoid sized targets without having to resort to larger and more ammunition-intensive weapon such as the Derringer or Twin fifty.

T-HHWS-272 Plasmatic Cannon: A development of the Thermic Lance and using the same technology, the Plasmatic Cannon requires a modified Titan to carry it in to battle, the only realistic platform for a weapon so powerful and yet with such a short effective range. Rather than relying on the metallic core of the Thermic Lance, the Plasmatic Cannon utilizes a plasma reservoir within the Titans armored shell, the only realistic method of supplying the weapon with the continued ammunition it needs.

T-HWS-X28 Scythe Laser Cannon: Still classified as an experimental weapon, the Scythe has been steadily gaining support within the guardians, though it has never been as popular as its smaller cousin, the Bigboom System. Consisting of a charging coil and focusing barrel in one chamber, the Scythe is capable of expending Huge amounts of energy with each shot from it dedicated power core, generating a destructive beam of Coherent light. The Internal power generator is rapidly drained, requiring an hour of recharging before the weapon can be made ready again, although most scythes will be connected to a power grid that effectively gives them unlimited ammunition. There is no armor known that can withstand this blast over a period of time

T-HHWS-265 Sixgun Rotary Cannon: Comparable in effect to the Twin Fifty Autocannon, the Sixgun uses a Rotary Barrel system (hence its Nickname) to achieve its high rate of fire. Combined with a massive ammunition hopper this is one of the most common weapons used by Titans and provides them with a great deal of tactical flexibility and high kill rates. It has a reputation for being able to fire forever without re-supply though this is, of course, not literally true.

T-HHWS-558 Spitball Rocket Launcher: Designed to be used from fast-moving and Unstable platforms, the spitball fires unguided, short-ranged, hyper-velocity rockets. Despite their restricted range, Spitballs have proved effective against a variety of non-fortified targets and give lighter titans and vehicles a heavy punch.

T-HHWS- 442 Show Stopper: Used as a portable means of destruction, the Show stopper was originally a HWS device, converted to be hand held. At first glance it looks like a rocket launcher, but upon firing the Show Stopper splits atoms, harnesses the energy inside its structure, and displaces the energy as a destructive hyper beam that has been known to bring Union ships out of Orbit. Range has been decreased to prevent grounding ships in orbit to avoid hitting our own.

T-HWS-269 Thermic Lance: Used only when stationary by heavily armored Titans, this is one of the more devastating weapons available to guardians. The weapon consists of a solid core which is super-heated inside an array of magnetic fields. The heat from this core can then be projected in a blast, propelled forward by manipulating the magnetic fields within, the effect is a needle like beam that can melt through almost any armor and reduce its targets to molten slag in an instant.

T-HWS-97 Thunderstrike Cannon: A large cannon with a 140 millimeter bore, the Thunderstrike is typically only seen on heavy Titans equipped with bracing systems and shock absorbers. the Thunderstrike can use a variety of shells, though most of the time it is deployed with Standard High explosive, Armor Penetrating warheads. A semi-guided design that can be pre-programmed to approach a target from slightly off-beam trajectories in an effort to defeat armor. Given enough time and ammunition, a Thunderstrike is also capable of pounding fortifications into submission.

T-BMW-209 Trip Hammer Mortar: Usually Mounted on the back of Medium or light armored Titans, the Trip Hammer Mortar is a twin barrelled weapon that hurls shells or rockets a considerable distance, giving the Titan an effective long ranged punch. Being a mortar, this weapon can be fired both directly at the enemy or indirectly allowing for the pilot to attack enemies out if his or her line of sight.

T-HWS-5050 Twin-Fifty Autocannon: Common as a weapons emplacement as well as a Titan armament, the Twin-FIfty Autocannon is a Belt-fed heavy machine gun capable of unleashing a rain of fire, allowing for a small crew of guardians or a single titan to engage a variety of targets ranging from infantry to medium armored fighting vehicles and aircrafts.

T-HWS-ML-h Heat Weapons Systems: Heat weapons systems are a line of Melee weapons designed for anti-titan and anti armor warfare. They come in a variety of edged shapes but the most poplular are the "knife", "sword", and "tomahawk" designs both feature an alloyed blade that is superheated to increase its cutting power and when used against armor, it melts through with frightening ease. They suffer from some issues in environments where the heat of the weapon can bleed off and are not recommended to be used near or in Aquatic battlefields or artic climates. Additionally the glow of the weapon makes it highly recognizable and more noticeable at night.

T-HWS-ML-p Driver Weapons Systems
: differing from the Heat Weapons Systems in method of damage delivery Driver Weapon Systems use pneumatic pressure or explosive force to pierce through armor. Cheaper and easier to manufacture than other weapons designs. Drivers are limited somewhat in that they are unable to deliver a reliable secondary strike since the weapon needs time to reset itself.

T-HWS-ML-c Chain Weapons Systems: Similar to Heat Weapons Systems, Chain weapons are primarily designed as slashing types but differ in their method of cutting through armor. Chain weapons edges consist of hundreds of alloyed teeth set on a chain that spins at incredible speeds. Recognizable by its distinctive hum when activated and the shower of sparks when used against armor, Chain weapons damage is equal parts psychological as well as physical. Though extensive use or improper maintenance may lead to jamming this problem is mitigated somewhat by double edged weapons having two separate chains on either edge.  

Large Heavy Weight Titan (Shogun): 2 Equipment 4 Weapons

Medium Weight Titan (Samurai): 3 Equipment 3 Weapons

Light Weight Titan (Ninja): 4 Equipment 2 Weapons


> Emp Unit
> Camo Unit
> Boost Unit
> Stun-Flash-Frag Grenades
> Screamer
> Shocker
> Flares

And so forth. Keeping customization at a good pace like the guardian customization so it's familiar.
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