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Disgraced the human race! And everything else!

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Disgraced the human race! And everything else!

Post by The Overseers on Sun Dec 27, 2015 6:11 am

Two types of human races exist, Groundlings and Forerunners.

Forerunners: Humans who have had their genes chosen for them at birth by their parent's decision, these are more common in the Den. They are perfect in every way, (Still doesn't mean you're smarter, stronger, or better in general than anybody else).

Groundlings: These are human beings who were born naturally because their parents decided on it, they aren't perfect but they aren't stupid or slow. They just have some imperfections such as having to wear glasses or they're not as good at learning than a Forerunner.

For compeers, only aliens accepted into the den are allowed. Union aliens are not allowed AT ALL for fear that they may be spies. Most compeers are more humanoid in nature as they are the ones who sympathize most with the humans, or aliens that get a genetic reconstruction unit to make them look human. Be aware if you wish to make a neutral race that you will be ALONE, as in the only one of your race unless you choose to allow others to use it, and you will only get support from your Compeer and are likely to be heavily discriminated against. For compeers, please choose from what we have already or PM me if you wish to make a new race.

The Allies:

Drezz: Insectoid class of creatures. Exoskeleton is generally impervious to physical attacks, but fire is known to take them down. They are generally taller, and may have wings. They speak English as well as their own language.

Volairs: A humanoid class recognizable by their pure white skin and hair. They have very powerful minds and communicate through telepathy with one another as they consider speaking out loud rude. This has become less apparent through their years at the Den because mental communication with humans is nearly impossible for them, and now younger Volairs tend to communicate through normal speech. They are quick and a very sexual race, finding the fact that humans don't take communal baths odd and the fact they are bothered by discussing sex even stranger.


Aquos: A water based colony of aliens. They often communicate through telepathy with those closest to them due to their brainwaves eventually matching. They are strong swimmers and are not known for their strength in hand to hand. They are discriminated against for their neutrality, but tend to have a calm nature. When angered can tear apart human flesh as easily as paper, fueled by anger. They are weak to fire and physical attacks. They bleed blue because of the copper in their blood.

Venkarlii: Records show they are a mix of Animal and Human due to the originals eating human beings who entered their domain in the mountains, and possess light forms of powers. There are few known powers of these beings and the most powers one had at a given time were two, none were found able to do more. While still feral from being stuck underground with a lack of food and resources, they managed to survive. The Den is undergoing operations to retrieve these beings from their destroyed homes in an attempt to get their help, or put them down like rabid animals if they prove to be a threat. These people have a beastly form they can change into, a monster/animal/ form (Like a werewolf) that they turn into to get strength from but this can really do a lot to a person's mental state, driving them mad and feral. (Note if you wish to use them you can start out as having them be completely psychopathically feral, or domesticated and re-educated.
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