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Avocation List

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Avocation List

Post by The Overseers on Sun Dec 27, 2015 8:26 pm

"Pick your path..."

Assassin: As an assassin it is the Guardian's duty to silently take out a small group or sabotage an enemy camp. Assassins are given a Camouflage Unit, which makes them appear as the enemy or anything they want to appear as. Assassins also work as a spy, gathering information. Assassins are more dangerous than being a Scout/ Ranger, they normally get close to the enemy.

Scout/Ranger: A scout usually remains in an outpost or on the Tower Walls but if they are not there they are behind enemy lines searching for a way to sabotage them. Scouts and Rangers remain hidden, their jobs are to ambush the enemy stealthily and quickly. Scouts and Rangers usually have silenced weapons for their Avocation. Scouts/ Rangers are marksmen, they can shoot and spot enemies far away. The majority of Scouts are snipers.

Soldier: It is chosen for them, whether they decided to or not, these Soldiers are placed in teams with other Guardians. Soldier may appear to be a dunce Avocation but a Soldier is not useless, they serve as a Medic in the field to assist survival of other guardians. They are granted an energy shield that is equipped on their wrist, these energy shields can take a lot of damage before it overheats and needs to cool down. Soldiers are not useless or the lowest of the Guardians, they are great assets and can serve to be very helpful.

JumpingBirds (Nicknamed Jumpers or Birds): These kinds of Guardians usually work in the air, their job is to ambush or attack the enemy from the skies. They are given equipment to course correct a jump (Jump pack). JumpingBirds drop out from a small carrier ship or in a drop pod, and are usually equipped with a close combat weapon (Ex. Energy Knife, Energy sword) and a range weapon (ex. Pistol, assault rifle) JumingBirds are also Pilots of aircrafts.

Warriors: Warriors are very uncommon, they descend from honorable ancestors or those who have proven more than worthy of the title. Warriors are strong and are mainly leaders of other Guardians. These Warriors are mostly leaders but not all of them become a leader. Warriors are usually granted ancient technology for combat, ranging from olden swords and shields, to projectiles or grenades.

Sentinels: These Guardians remain within the city most of the time, but the ones out in combat are highly trained and rank below a Warrior. Sentinels are usually equipped with a shield suited for them. (Invisibility, Mounted shield, Bladed Shield, etc.) Sentinels are also equipped with ancient technology like the Warriors. Sentinels serve to defend the city walls and prevent enemies from getting in.

Orbital Impact Sky to Ground Troopers (OIT): Soldiers who are taken up high in the sky, near out of gravity. They sky jump from these vehicles and are used for getting behind enemy lines, or getting an advance on land. They can also use shells for a quick descent and soften impact, but can be used for injuring or killing an enemy or group on impact. They go through rigorous training to withstand the impact from the shell, and are commonly equipped with close range weapons as their shells are almost too loud to snipe from without being known.

Stalkers: Stalkers are like assassins, but their main goal is to take out the bigger threats on the battlefield during a fight. They use jump packs to get a quick burst of distance or to adjust themselves into the perfect position of attack, which is why they are normally supplied with a rifle. They vary on their placement on the battle field. They can be either really close, or really far from other guardians, but either way their usefulness never ceases to amaze. What separates a stalker from an assassin is that a stalker will track their prey for thousands of miles, the assassin is meant for other reasons.

Titans: These Guardians are few and far between. They use specialized, flying, havoc wreaking mechs to decimate the enemy, though the mechs are difficult to use and requires special training. These mechs are expensive for the Den to make and overheat if not careful. If a Titan's mech is destroyed, they can go months, even years, without seeing action. Due to this, many also specialize in other areas, normally basic Soldier training, so as not to waste Den resources while they are decommissioned. (Titan is your primary avocation, choose a second avocation incase your Titan gets damaged. You still keep equipment and weapons of a Titan but go under different training temporarily.) ((Avocation given or won in the raffles))

Reapers: Reapers are highly skilled Guardians, only a few are given this Avocation. When a Guardian proves worthy they become a Reaper, going through a special orientation before becoming a Reaper. Reapers all have a cloak over their armor, made to withstand bullets and plasma, their armor is specialized for them and will go on dangerous missions by themselves or with other Guardians who want to team up with them. Only skilled Guardians are chosen. These Reapers are also given the chance to train in a few Avocations so they can to get experience for different situations.
((Avocation given or won in the raffles))

Compeers: Compeers are alien and human partners designed to protect the few aliens that are friendly with the Den. These Compeers normally are partners that grew up and trained together from the moment they enter the Den and generally go on missions together. They have a secondary, more general Avocations (i.e. Jumpingbirds, Titans, etc.) that is shared with their partner. Each of the partners have been specially chosen volunteers based on personality or skillset and has a chip implanted in their spine that connects them. They can feel each others emotions and, occasionally, they can receive images or thoughts. With some practice, partners have been known to communicate through thoughts. However, when one dies, they both do, as new partners are difficult to find and considered a waste of Den resources. Aliens with longer life spans are bonded later in life so they can be about the equivalent ages and die at a more reasonable age. ALL aliens have partners, but not all human Guardians do. Compeer's spines get replaced by a bio-genetic and metallic replacement that connects to the brain which allows the chip that brings the two together to do its duty to connect them in life until death. (You can choose to play both, or have someone else play one of the partners. Usually contact Moderators or the Overseer for questions.)

Harbinger: Usually accompany other High Avocations, these Harbingers hold a support type role. They are chosen carefully through training during their time in the academy. On graduation and the day their Avocation is chosen. Harbingers are taken away to the Science district to be augmented. Harbingers are given bionics to improve their combat efficiency. After Augmentation, Harbingers become heartless and show no remorse to those in the battlefield and those who are allies. They follow orders and no matter what, they do not care for other life even if they are friendly. Harbingers lose fragments of memories that are bonded to those who still matter to them in their lives, this makes them strong and show no emotion in and out of the battlefield but it is also their weakness. They become weak when they gather their memories again or if they develop attachments to others. They usually are removed if that happens. ((Avocation given or won in the raffles))

Tricksters: Not quite known or very common in the ranks. The Tricksters suffer mental torture tests, and augmentations in the science district to unlock their abilities. Using both brain power and technology, Tricksters are able to alter reality to a sense. Using their most powerful ability, Illusion-Projection, to make others see an illusion created by the Tricksters' mind. Illusion-Projecting is the unique ability where the Trickster creates a delusion of one object and projects this image into another person's sense through the "blind-spot" in their reality. As people see this delusion, the original appearance of the item changes into what the delusion is. Ex. Clothing the Trickster is wearing can project a delusion that they are wearing armor, this delusion is seen by others and it then becomes real as more see this delusion. The illusion ends up becoming real and becomes part of the real world, the reason behind this is their unique weapon. The Giga-Blade, which helps project the illusions into others' senses. Tricksters are mostly a supportive role, not always able to handle fights on their own. (More info will be added) ((Avocation given or won in the raffles))


"Graduation Day My Fellow Guardians"
~Profile Skele~

If you must add any alteration to the skele, coloring or rewording, please keep it somewhat the same so the crew knows what you are talking about.
Go ahead and add some other things on the skele if you so please!
Don't forget the corresponding symbol to the title of the forum
✖ Assassin
☠ Reaper ((Again, avocation given or won in the raffles))
T1-T4-N Titan ((Again, avocation given or won in the raffles))
✈ Jumpingbird
☣ Stalker
➸ Warrior
☢ Harbinger ((Again, avocation given or won in the raffles))
♆ Soldier
☯ Compeers
⊕ Scout
☾ Orbital Impact Sky to Ground Troopers
↮ Sentinel
※ Trickster ((Again, avocation given or won in the raffles))
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