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Welcome Guardian

Post by The Overseers on Sun Dec 27, 2015 8:22 pm

Many years ago, back when times seemed evidently peaceful, humans got cocky. We had experienced technological leaps and bounds far surpassing the era of our time and the time to come. We had established a sensitive and quiet peace in our era. We had discovered new planets, new life, and progressively leaped into the future with both feet forward. As our world died from testing our devices of war, we knew we had to find somewhere else to go, and as our technology far outclassed anything else in our universe but where could we have possibly gone? We were indestructible, and we could move our people to one of these planets to prove it. One ship, the human race created one ship that took every single survivor to a new home, one we would conquer and call our own. Or so we thought. And in doing so, we challenged monsters and became monsters ourselves.

Since our phenomenal move, the aliens we provoked have proven to be stronger than anything we could have expected. The Den is one of the last remaining Safe Havens of the planet Valor, a planet with the same oxygen content as earth, but with a cost. Higher gravity. Planet Valor houses many innocent people and the ones who protect them- the last soldiers against this powerful force: The Guardians. You are one of these Guardians. The Guardians are recruited at a young age, at about 8-10 to start training, and each Guardian specializes in an occupation which is assigned to them at age 15. These occupations that every single Guardian has is called their Avocation, which will vary depending on how the Guardian works in combat. The Guardians' job is to protect the city from anything ranging from bandit attacks to alien attacks since The Den's energy field is not going to always protect the people.

These Guardians are sent on missions to destroy nearby enemy camps, find ancient technology, gather supplies that might run low, and protecting small forts around the city. Guardians can team up with other Guardians, if they want, on missions that are given to them, or missions they assigned themselves in the name of protecting people. Everything was in a stand still of peace until the Union, a group of terror bringing beasts of aliens attacked Valor. They destroy planets as a game, their military does its job to take over a planet, kill its inhabitants, and starve the planet of its resources. Once this happens, they harness the cores of the planets as a power source for their war ships. This was their rule of take over, they dared not ruin their own fun which was possibly the saving grace of Valor along with the stubbornness of the human/alien military that defended itself against them. The Union set a space blockade and prevented any aid besides a few kamikaze drop ships to give extra supplies to the Guardians at the cost of the pilots lives.

Now that the Union had nearly wiped out the inhabitants of the planet, they started attacking what was known as Denzeka, a partial human partial alien city. This was the final city before killing off the races that lived outside of the cities, except they underestimated this small city's anger and firepower. The humans were occupied while waiting for the Union to come for them and started creating ugly weapons of mass destruction. They needed the help to survive the Union attacks, and for the longest time they managed to hold back these warmonger creatures until the final moments of peace were torn from the human race's hands. One attack after another until the Guardians were worn down to a few thousand in numbers, tens of thousands of Union bodies riddled the ground outside of Denzeka at the cost of hundreds of Guardians. The attacks never stopped though as the Union developed a more psychological way of warfare after hacking and accessing the Guardian files, and created realistic holograms to bring these soldiers to their knees. Some Guardians went insane from this mental torture and it was exactly what the Union wanted.

Shortly after the psychological attacks on Denzeka, the Union had won. All it took was a final raid using these holograms and the Union took the Den in an hour. Many of the civilians were captured and used as live stock, the Guardians fell effortlessly because of what psychological damage the Union caused. The Union captured the remaining guardians after their final attack and placed them in cryogenic chambers as a trophy. Decades went by, the remaining guardians that were the Den's last hope took a long forced sleep. Why didn't the Union kill them first and preserve their body? The stasis prevented them from going to their god, the perfect punishment the Union had considering most the guardians were human. The alien guardians were taken to a different sector to have their fate be decided. So, what does that mean? Shouldn't this be the end? This was far from the end of the life of the guardians. The Overseers had noticed the Union far before they attacked, and initiated the Valorian Planetary Defense Protocol. Otherwise known as The Rings of The Valorian Gods.

The rings floated outside of the planet, used for interstellar airports. Little cities inside these massive rings that wrapped around the planet, stuck on the planets gravity. These rings had tubes that connected them from space to the ground, to transport things from the massive airships. The Union took control of these rings and prevented help from travelling to the surface of the planet and used these rings to hold their prize until the planet would be destroyed. Once the Union attacked, the Overseers initiated the Protocol. It took years, decades after the Protocol was initiated for it to take effect. The Valorian Protocol released a virus, a bio-genetic bomb that targeted the races of the Union and poured the chemicals throughout these rings, similar to what the Union did to the Valorien race to exterminate them except it attacked multiple races instead of just one. A plague of sorts tore through the rings and the Union soldiers got sick, and as they got sick, help was sent by their army to aid them but little did they know they walked right into a trap. With nobody to watch over the Cryo-chambers that held the once ungodly band of demonic soldiers they opened up, releasing hell on the surviving members of the Union that were in these rings at the time of the chemical release in special suits to delay sickness.

The soldiers took the remaining civilians and escaped down the tubes to take refuge in Necropolis after the original den being reduced to rubble in the final attack. The Union had to send in new troops as the chemicals were released to the ground beneath, spreading toxins to their troops that resided in the final clean up of the planet. The Union had to come up with a new idea. They needed new races, ones to take over the planet once again. They were desperate now. Except one thing stopped them from invading again, planet Valor had its own EMP like structure that shrouded the planet. Anything not built inside the planet dropped from orbit once the EMP field struck the ships. The Union did indeed get new races, ones the bomb didn't affect. After they took over the rings once again they began hunting the surviving members of what was the Den.
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